Disney 'Tsum Tsum' April 2019 Event

The "Disney Tsum Tsum" April 2019 calendar event is just days away. Find out everything to expect from the upcoming Zootopia Easter Garden event, here.

President Trump: No More DACA Deal

President Donald Trump announced on Easter Sunday that he would pursue tougher immigration rules and work to squash any negotiations on DACA.

Where Did April Fools' Day Come From? Holiday Origins

The origins of April Fools' Day, a holiday celebrated by playing tricks on people and spreading hoaxes, are shrouded in mystery and lost to history. But there are a few good theories of how and why the first of April became a day of impish delight.

How Will President Donald Trump Spend Easter 2018?

The president is expected to fly from Ohio, where he'll be making remarks on his infrastructure plan, to Florida early Thursday evening and will arrive back to the White House on Sunday in time for Monday's traditional Easter egg roll on the South Lawn.

Five Easy Deviled Egg Recipes

To celebrate Easter, a roundup of five of the best deviled egg recipes from food magazines and restaurant blogs.

Holy Week Around the World

In many Catholic countries, Holy Week is the most important time of the year, even more than Christmas.