What Will COVID-19 Do To Africa?

If you need to wash your hands many times a day, it helps to have a tap close by. And how do you self-isolate sharing a shack with multiple generations of your family?

GOP Rep Sparks Debate Whether 'Wuhan Virus,' Ebola Are Racist Terms

Arizona congressman Paul Gosar on Sunday announced he would be self-quarantining after a brief run-in at last week's CPAC conference with someone he described as having been "hospitalized with the Wuhan virus," prompting a response from California congressman Ted Lieu.

Ebola Virus: What You Need to Know About New Outbreak

"Our top priority is to get to Bikoro to work alongside the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and partners to reduce the loss of life and suffering related to this new Ebola virus disease outbreak."

Ebola Virus: New Approach to Management

In the wake of DR Congo's outbreak, an international team of researchers reviewed 37 models to develop gold-standard recommendations that minimize the spread of the disease.