Will China's Digital Yuan Replace the Dollar?

The real story of digitalization of the yuan is not what it will do to further currency internationalization but what it says about a rapacious party-state demanding complete control internally.

Candace Owens Says 50 Cent Endorsing Trump is Not Betraying Black America

"I want to just say something to defend 50 Cent because I am just seeing so much ignorance in his comments from the majority of Black people saying they're done with him and it's because he's rich and he's betrayed them," Owens said on Instagram. "No, it's because he's smart and you're not, okay?"

Amy Coney Barrett and the New Feminism of Interdependence

It's time for a new feminism to emerge—and for GOP lawmakers to demonstrate their commitment to family values. That will require defining a new feminism of interdependence and a pro-family economic policy agenda.

Operation Warp Speed: What a Deal!

We estimate that speeding up a COVID-19 vaccine's arrival by half a year through the president's Operation Warp Speed may have a benefit of $1.8 trillion.

Capitalism Creates Social Justice

Free market capitalism is the most just economic system devised by man, and the coronavirus proves the need for even more of it.