46 Percent Say Their Financial Status Has Gotten Worse Under Trump

"There's a fair number of people in the nation who look at things like the record low unemployment rate" and other positive indicators and "feel as if the boasting of those things is not consistent with their experience," Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst at Bankrate, told Newsweek.

Trump's Shutdown Reveals Failure of Trumponomics

Right now some 800,000 government employees aren't collecting paychecks. Nor are hundreds of thousands of government contractors being paid. None of them can buy as much as before.

Shots Fired at U.S. Embassy in Turkey

A window in a security cabin was damaged, but no injuries were reported in a brazen assault that speaks to the escalating anger over the diplomatic crisis developing between the two NATO allies.

Will Trump's Tariffs Push Erdogan to Cave?

Holding a U.S. hostage and negotiating a weapons deal with Moscow provoked the Trump's wrath—and tariffs. Will the sinking lira and increasing economic pain force the Turkish leader to give in?

Iran Simmers as Rial Crashes and Protests Build

As Iranians face economic turmoil, political disappointment and severe drought, people are heading to the streets to make their voices heard—but is the regime itself under threat?

Mayans Used Chocolate for Money

These products would eventually go on to serve as universal currencies across the different Maya regions and were used to finance state activities, as well as household needs.