Does America Still Have Courage?

America is in a better shape than the doomsayers would suggest, and it's time for conservatives to start acting like it.

U.K. Furlough Scheme Will End on October 31

The scheme has seen government pay 80% of the wages of company employees up to a limit of £2500 a month, but could not run "indefinitely", the chancellor said.

Trump's Stock Market Gains Once Again Surpass Those of Obama

While Trump and his supporters have pointed to the stock market's rebound as a marker of economic success, tens of millions of Americans remain unemployed as the unemployment rate has surged into the double digits from a low of 3.5 percent in February.

White House Considers Paying Unemployed People to Return to Work

Under Senator Rob Portman's proposal, the federal government would pay $450 a week to those who return to the workforce. Republicans have argued that the extra $600 per week jobless bonus now in place is a disincentive for people to go back to work.