Trump's 'Outsider' Candidate Loses Louisiana Governor's Race

Where the "Trump bump" panned out for Tate Reeves in Mississippi, it ultimately flopped for Eddie Rispone, just as it did for Gov. Matt Bevin in Kentucky. Both candidates were the scourge of local teachers unions.

To Boost STEM Learning, Let Kids Be Kids—Not Test-Takers

The teaching of science, technology, engineering and math is critical for America to compete globally. And in order to educate the inventors, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow, we must transform STEM education today.

Andrew Yang Proposes Ending School Shooter Drills

"My son's school is holding 4 active shooter drills this year. The only clear impact of these drills is stress, anxiety and confusion on the part of children and families. I would end the drills or make them optional. Let our kids learn the right things," Yang tweeted Monday.

Elizabeth Warren Promises to Fire Betsy DeVos

Warren criticized DeVos for her lack of experience in education during her confirmation hearing and has repeatedly called for an education secretary who previously worked as a public school teacher.

Kentucky Special Ed Teacher Arrested For Public Intoxication

Kentucky special education teacher Matthew Hubbard was arrested in the parking lot of Evarts Elementary School, where he works, for alcohol intoxication in a public place. But he's not the only teacher who has experienced public outbursts in recent weeks.