El Salvador

El Salvador President-Elect Trolls "Fox & Friends"

A segment on "Fox & Friends" on Sunday had "Trump Cuts U.S. Aid to 3 Mexican Countries" displayed in the chyron at the bottom of the screen, despite the fact that Mexico is one country.

Trump Admin Extends TPS Protections to 250,000 Migrants

"While we welcome this victory, it cannot distract from the urgency and need for robust legislative reform that provides permanent solutions for all Temporary Protected Status holders," said José Palma, spokesperson for the National TPS Alliance.

Trump Official Clashes With Ilhan Omar Over Venezuela

"I don't understand why members of this committee or the American people should find any testimony that you give today to be truthful," Congresswoman Ilhan Omar told U.S. special envoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams.

2,000 Honduran Migrants Continue Journey to U.S. Border

The president warned Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador that "all payments made to them will STOP (END)" if they "allow their citizens, or others, to journey through their borders and up to the United States."

Proper U.S. Investment Will Help Solve Migrant Crisis

America might want to take a page out of the playbook of Plan Colombia, a model program pioneered under Republican and Democratic administrations that delivered results overseas – and for our own interests at home.