Election 2016

Matt Lauer's Sexist Debate Moderation

Matt Lauer's treatment of Hillary Clinton during one of the first televised debates in the 2016 presidential election was criticized as sexist and unfair.

FEC Scrutinizes Deez Nuts

On Wednesday, the FEC sent a letter to Deez Nuts—the treasurer for a committee in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with the same name as a Dr. Dre song.

Bernie Sanders Responds to Hillary Clinton's Criticism

"I'm working overtime now to see we overturn Trump's decision on DACA, pass a $15-an-hour minimum wage, and next week I'll be offering a Medicare-for-all single-payer system," Sanders said. 

Trump Stands By False Voter Fraud Accusation

Trump has repeatedly stated he would have won the popular vote were it not for millions of people voting illegally, but electoral experts, including state officials, have said there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud.