Election 2020

Yes, Trump Can Sabotage Election Day

He can't postpone the election. He can't ignore its results. But his historic tweet shows he can undermine it—in a staggeringly stupid-but-effective way.

Rashida Tlaib on Why She Won't Endorse Joe Biden

Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib has been a vocal opponent of Donald Trump since she took office yet refuses to officially back his Democratic opponent. What's up with that? Tlaib addresses the endorsement issue and other subjects in this Newsweek interview.

Democrats, Ignore McConnell. Let the Filibuster Die

Democratic Senators looking to draft substantive laws should not let the potential "joys" of having some power in a future minority role serve as a deterrent to passing meaningful legislation now.

Dad, Did Trump Lose Your Vote?

You and I watched the last election in the same home but on different channels, in different rooms: you cheering, me weeping. Would the last four years changed your mind? Sadly, I can only imagine your answer.