Election day

Old Navy Will Pay Employees To Work At The Polls

"As a company, when you support civic engagement, what you're essentially telling your employees is what you care about really matter to us," Civic Alliance director Steven Levine said.

How to Register to Vote

Find out how to register to vote ahead of Election Day, and how the rules around registering to vote vary by state.

Election Lawyers Worry Trump Could Send Federal Law Enforcement to Polls

Election lawyers with ties to the Biden campaign have privately discussed the possibility that a desperate President Donald Trump could go as far as deploying federal law enforcement at or near polls on Election Day, a move that would be unprecedented and heavily scrutinized.

Yes, Trump Can Sabotage Election Day

He can't postpone the election. He can't ignore its results. But his historic tweet shows he can undermine it—in a staggeringly stupid-but-effective way.

Ohio City Makes Election Day a Holiday

The designation of Election Day, which typically falls on the first Tuesday in November, as a holiday is intended to remove obstacles to voting.