Fallout 76 Guides

'Fallout 76' Vendor Locations Guide

"Fallout 76" has lots of Vendors in its open world that sell basic crafting supplies. Here's how you can buy Aluminum, Wood, Steel and more.

'Fallout 76' Flavors of Mayhem Guide

"Fallout 76" is full of crazy quests, and "Flavors of Mayhem" is certainly one of them. Find out how to get the Black Diamond Ski Sword.

'Fallout 76' Leveling Guide

"Fallout 76" has a unique leveling system, and we want you to make the most of it. Here's how you can gain XP fast without glitches.

'Fallout 76' Into the Fire Quest Guide

"Fallout 76" offers the chance to join the Fire Breathers, but you have to pass their exam first. This guide takes you through the whole process.

'Fallout 76' Resource Location Guide

Resources like aluminum, black titanium and glowing resin can be hard to find in "Fallout 76," so here are some tips to get your hunt started right.

'Fallout 76' Camp Building Guide

"Fallout 76" has a mobile Camp feature that you'll need to master if you intend to make it in the wilderness of Appalachia. This guide will help you through it all.

'Fallout 76' Power Armor Locations

"Fallout 76" has dozens of power armor locations, and we're here to get you started. Here are several possible spawns that are easy for beginners to get to.