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23 Fun Activities With Kids

Running out of things to do with the kids? Discover new boredom busters to keep them happy and busy for the rest of the summer.

CBP Tweets Santa 'Cleared For Entry' Into US, Prompting Ridicule

U.S. Customs and Border Protection joined several government agencies in marking Christmas Day, but their Santa Claus immigration reference angered many who responded that hundreds of migrant families remain separated at the border.

Shepard Smith Fact-Checks Trump on Trump Border Claim

Fox News host Shepard Smith fact-checked President Donald Trump's claim to reporters Tuesday that it was former President Barack Obama's administration who created policies to separate families and cage children at the border.

Man Taunted Families of Parkland Shooting Victims

"One post threatened to kidnap the message recipients, while others sought to harass the recipients by repeatedly taunting the relatives and friends of the MSD victims, cheering the deaths of their loved ones."

Full Text: Trump Executive Order On Family Separation

President Donald Trump flipped his argument on the separation of children from their families at the border and signed an executive order Wednesday reversing his own administration's policy.

Protests Planned Over Separation of Families at Border

Thousands of people in at least 30 different cities in the U.S. and beyond are expected on Friday to protest the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy on families caught entering the U.S. illegally.