'We're Raising Our Kids at Sea During Covid-19'

Off-grid living is often seen as the preserve of outliers or "doomsday preppers". But if the recent pandemic has proven anything, it is that "traditional life" can be disrupted at any time.

'My Grandfather and Mother Survived The Hiroshima Atomic Bomb'

My grandfather, Dr. Ken Takeuchi, was the director of the Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital. On August 4, 1945, he had talked to staff and encouraged them to arrive at work earlier. At 8.15am on August 6, when the atomic bomb hit, many staff were inside the hospital—his pep talk had saved lives.
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Get Life Insurance Online in Under 5 Minutes (And $8)

Make sure your family is protected in turbulent times. Buying life insurance is fast and easy online—and there aren't any stressful medical exams involved.

'My Husband And I Adopted 5 Siblings'

We fostered a newborn baby in 2017 and found out pretty quickly that he had four siblings all in different places in the Houston area. As we found out there were more kids, we would sit down and discuss with our biological children— they would tell us that these kids needed us.
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Sneak Peak at a Murder Mystery Immersive Gaming

"It's more than escapism—it's an opportunity to be the hero of a compelling, high-stakes story." Read our interview with the game creators to explore this unique immersive gaming experience.