Alex Jones's Ex-Wife Seeks Avenatti for Custody Case

Kelly Jones said the recent LAX airport run-in between her former husband and Bernie Sanders was just some of the "irresponsible and endangering" behavior her "hypocritical" ex-spouse inflicted on her and their three children.

Was Aaron Hernandez Gay?

A new documentary explores the football player's rumored battle with homosexuality.

Pro-Abstinence Trump Official's Pot of Money

Valerie Huber, acting deputy assistant secretary for population affairs at the Health and Human Services Department, previously headed a pro-abstinence organization.

Sean Spicer's Regrets as Press Secretary? He Had a Few

"It's not just on you. It's now going in and having to tell the president of the United States, 'Hey, I embarrassed myself, your administration and in some cases, I think did something the American people are not pleased with,'" Spicer explained. 

Who is Frank Andrew Hoover?

He is accused of sending an email that read, "decided that we are going to end all the Swifts on one day."