'I'm a Plus-Size Fashion Influencer'

There are plenty of times I have been overlooked in the fashion world because there's long been an "acceptable fat". That is: curves with a slim face and small waist.
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Fashion Trends Women Can Disregard

Your fashion sense is inborn Be confident to dress how you like and when you like. These are some of the fashion trends you can disregard in the process.
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Shopping Deals: Sustainable, Greener Fashion That's Also Cheap

Fast fashion has become synonymous with disposable low-cost fashion that remains the obsession of Instagram fashionistas and price-driven families preferring quantity over quality. Yet, fast fashion cannot be completely shunned.
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Few Ways You Can Upgrade Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer arrives in all its glory with slushes, cute floral printed tops, new trends, and especially a chance to renew your wardrobe.
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Iron Clothes Better With Science!

If you think that straightening clothes only need a hot iron, think again. Understand the science of ironing and get better results faster!
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Instagram & Fashion Go Hand in Hand; Here's Why!

"Instagrammable" is the new summer 2020 trend. Finding your right style and portraying it in a fun and fashionable way may seem a little daunting when it comes to showing your best outfits on Instagram.

Why Is Everyone Roasting Virgil Abloh?

Fashion designer Virgil Abloh came under fire on Monday after sharing a screenshot of a $50 donation he made towards a protestor bail fund.
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What Are Blue Light Filtering Lenses?

What exactly is Bluelight and how can we combat its harmful effects?
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Fun, Safe, and Stylish Sunbathing Day in Your Backyard

One of the best ways that can bring us joy during these times is basking in natural sunlight. Check out these tips to chase away the COVID—19 blues by having a fun, safe, and stylish sunbathing day with your family.