FBI Director

Sean Hannity Criticizes FBI Director Christopher Wray: 'Do Your Job'

"The former highest ranking employees in his bureau committed real crimes, and yet no signs that Wray seems to care one bit to bring them to justice, or working to prevent this abuse of power hyperpartisan conduct from ever, ever happening again," Hannity said on Monday.

China Is the 'Broadest Threat' Facing the U.S.

"Russia is in many ways, fighting to stay relevant after the fall of the Soviet Union," the FBI head argued. "They're fighting today's fight," he said, while pointing out that China makes decisions with the future in mind.

James Comey Can (Probably) Dunk

The former FBI director dunked relatively recently, and he might be gearing up for another attempt pretty soon.

Did Comey Call Trump a Liar?

There were a combination of factors that made him want a written record: "the circumstances, the subject matter and the person I was interacting with." 

How Joe Lieberman Became a Trump Supporter

The president is considering nominating Lieberman, a former Democratic senator and once Al Gore's running mate, to become the next director of the FBI.