Trump 'Most Isolated' President Since Nixon: Woodward

Watergate journalist Bob Woodward said Trump "does not know what his self-interest is," often refusing to heed the counsel of his close advisers trying to steer him through issues, crises and scandals.

Fox & Friends Warns Socialism Taking Over US Colleges

'Fox & Friends' used its Monday morning program to condemn America's secondary education system for indoctrinating students into support of socialism -- a trend one retired professor says is leading to Soviet-style genocide.

CPAC's 'Truman Show' Stage Set Blows Up

Fear has been a political motivator for years. But with conservatives in charge of all three branches of government and ISIS on the run, CPAC gathering seemed listless—until a reminder about Trump's troubles blew up the room.

Republicans Fear Working For Trump

The investigation surrounding the election is among the reasons people are concerned about working for the president.

'Dreamers' Fear an Uncertain Future Under Trump

On the five year anniversary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, immigrations advocates spoke out about the problems faced by recipients of DACA.