Transgender Athletes Do Not Threaten Women's Sports

The IOC, and other sporting bodies that take the IOC's lead, should continue to assess on a case-by-case basis, and perhaps draw up firmer guidelines where necessary. But there is a bigger picture, a deeper ethos to consider.

The Transgender Threat to Women's Sports

The only other option comes with too steep a price. To force young women to compete with male-bodied athletes will bring about the collapse of women's sports.

Bridging the Divide Within Feminism

Are women aiming to overcome our biology to achieve the same liberty as men—to only live as a parent through an active, affirmative choice?

Amy Coney Barrett and the New Feminism of Interdependence

It's time for a new feminism to emerge—and for GOP lawmakers to demonstrate their commitment to family values. That will require defining a new feminism of interdependence and a pro-family economic policy agenda.