Best Pixar Films According to Critics

To celebrate the 25th-anniversary of 'Toy Story," the first Pixar movie, Stacker ranked every Pixar film according to its critical reception. You might be surprised what made #1.

Every Celebrity Mocked in the 'Borat' Sequel

Sacha Baron Cohen manages to make fun of two people very close to the president in 'Borat 2', but he also let one key interview subject in on the movie being a satire.

'Colette the Artist' Pig Is Exactly What 2020 Needs Right Now

If 2020 is the year when anything can happen, couldn't it be the year a pig can be an artist? "Colette the Artist," a rising star of the Mill Valley Film Festival, offers a downtrodden world hope that 2020 can still hold joy and possibilities.