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5 Reasons Why Americans Retire on Average

There are countless factors that shape up the retirement life of an individual, but 5 of them are wreaking havoc on their retirement dreams.
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Parents can use Tech to Protect Their Kids' Future With up to $5 Million

An online life term insurance can pay for your kids' education, daily expenses, mortgage, debt, etc. in case you pass away. This 10-minute process can fetch you a term life insurance online for as little as $14 a month with a coverage that can go up to $5 million.
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Americans Paid Back $82 Billion in Credit Card Debt Over the Summer

The citizens have paid back a record amount in credit card debt over the last few months. Learn how they are dealing with no stimulus checks, and using tech and assistance programs from card issuers to stay afloat.
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Is Remote Rural Investing the Future of Real Estate?

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected all major industries from travel to e-commerce, and now real estate. The US housing market is booming and surprisingly, it's the rural real estate that's heating up and attracting the most investors.
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Retirement Planning: Why Simply Contributing to 401(k) Isn't Enough

For most people, retirement planning translates to contributing to 401k and never giving it a second thought. Though following this, you could be harming your retirement strategy and losing growth on your 401(k) account, warns Blooom.
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How to Find the Best Financial Advisors Online

New to financial planning? Here's the best way to find the right financial advisor who can help you manage and grow your wealth.
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This Company Pays Cash Rewards to Users for Just Surfing the Internet

If you are looking for a side hustle to cushion the financial stress caused by the pandemic, here is your chance. InboxDollars is a cashback program that lets users do just that and earn great cash rewards. You can register for free to start earning online.
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How to Save Money on a Tight Budget

Save money every month from places you thought weren't possible.