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13 Signs You Might Have Credit Card Problems (And How to Fix It)

Borrowing money is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when you're diligent in paying off your debts. But sometimes, people have no choice as unforeseen circumstances bring them in an unfortunate financial situation.

Maxine Waters Wants to Probe Trump Foundation

Waters, a California Democrat and chair of the House Financial Services Committee, said she received a letter that may contain a lead relating to the Trump Foundation.

Democrats to Investigate Trump Finances in Russia Probe

Trump called House intelligence committee Chairman Adam Schiff a "political hack who is just trying to build a name for himself" after the scope of the committee's probe into Russian election interference expanded.

Most Americans Not Wealthier Since Trump Was Elected

Among those who responded to the survey, only 38 percent said that their personal financial situation had improved during the past two years under President Donald Trump and the Republicans.