Food stamps

Why We Need Snap Now More Than Ever

Two former U.S. secretaries of agriculture explain the importance of SNAP payments amidst the current pandemic.

Trump's Requirements on Welfare Programs Could Kick Hourly Workers Off Roll

"Our findings suggest work requirements may increase the risk that families with working adults will lose access to nutrition, health care, housing, and cash assistance benefits if these policies do not account for scheduling practices prevalent in the low-wage job market," said the report.

Fox Guest: Food Stamp Recipients Are Busy Watching Porn

Center for Urban Renewal and Education founder and president Star Parker claimed that shame associated with being on food stamps have diminished and citizens are now using them like a "debit card."

Trump Admin Uses USDA to Limit Food Stamp Benefits

The Department of Agriculture proposed a rule Thursday that would make it more difficult for states to waive work requirements already in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

GOP Wants to Cut Food Stamp Rolls by 20 percent: Dems

"We have grown increasingly concerned about the nutrition policies being pushed by the Majority. Items you have outlined in your meetings with us and that have been reported in the press are a significant cause of concern," 19 Democratic House Committee on Agriculture members wrote in a joint letter to ranking member Congressman Collin Peterson Thursday.