Fox News Guest Claims Ford Will Look Like 'Loon'

Joe diGenova, who President Donald Trump sought to hire for his legal team earlier this year, claimed without evidence that Christine Blasey Ford did not want to testify about her sexual assault allegations.

Americans Want Humans in Self-Driving Cars, Study Shows

A recent Pew study shows Americans want regulations on self-driving cars. But a new bill allows manufacturers to build the cars without human controls, and limits states from restricting the technology.

Trump's Approval Rating Not the Worst Ever

Donald Trump was the least popular president ever for someone so early in his tenure. But he actually rose above one of his predecessors this week.

Trump Pushes Automakers for New American Plants

The hour-long meeting was the latest sign of Trump's uncommon degree of intervention for a U.S. president into corporate affairs as he has repeatedly pressured automakers and other manufacturers to "buy American and hire American."