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'Game of Thrones': Is Arya a 'Mary Sue'?

For reference, a Mary Sue is defined "as a type of female character who is depicted as unrealistically lacking in flaws or weaknesses," or simply, "a wish fulfillment."

Sophie Turner Salutes Fellow 'Game of Thrones' Cast

The actor, who plays the formidable Sansa Stark, flooded her social media with posts in honor of a few of her co-stars during Season 8's highly anticipated "Long Night," otherwise known as the Battle of Winterfell.

Will 'Winds of Winter' Release in 2019?

George R.R. Martin hasn't decided whether he'll launch straight into "A Dream of Spring" after completing "The Winds of Winter," which could hit shelves as soon as April 2019.

Unlikely Pals Reunite in 'Game of Thrones' Endgame

New spoilers from the set of "Game of Thrones" Season 8 suggest two fan-favorite characters will get some more on-screen banter before HBO's epic fantasy draws to a close. What's more, the pairing of these characters in a certain location could hint toward some major plot developments.