Gary Cohn

Former Chief Economic Adviser Fears Trump Surrounded by Yes Men

"We had an interesting nucleus of people when I was in the White House—the initial team," Gary Cohn told David Axelrod in an interview. "We were not bashful. It was a group that was willing to tell the president what he needed to know, whether he wanted to hear it or not."

George Conway: Trump May Face 'Grounds for Impeachment'

George Conway, husband of White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway, tweeted that if President Donald Trump had ordered former White House economic adviser Gary Cohn to pressure the Justice Department to block the AT&T-Time Warner merger, it would "unquestionably be grounds for impeachment."

Ex-Trump Adviser Jokes About Trading President to U.K.

"We do have this guy in America who's supposed to be the world's best negotiator.... Maybe if we sent him over to you it could help you, and it could be helpful for us too," Gary Cohn told the British chancellor.

Gary Cohn Calls Shutdown 'Completely Wrong'

"I don't understand what the outcome is here, and I don't understand where we're going with it," said Cohn. "I'm confused as to what the White House's strategy is on this a little bit."

Trump's Personal Assistant Fired Over Security Concerns

It was a windy winter day with the temperature about 40 degrees when President Donald Trump's long-time body-man was fired and escorted from the White House without even his jacket, according to a new report.

Embattled Trump Lashes Out at Top Aides

Trump's anger has been directed at Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and even his Chief of Staff John Kelly.

How Donald Trump Met Reality

From Syria to Goldman Sachs, Donald Trump is ditching Bannonism and moving closer to the American mainstream.