George Floyd

Video of George Floyd's death while in police custody on May 25, 2020 ignited the United States into a nationwide debate about racism, police brutality and systemic racism. Floyd's death led to the arrest of the four officers involved in the Minneapolis, Minnesota incident and sweeping police reforms across the country. Thousands of people participated in Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests across the U.S. in the weeks following Floyd's funeral.

Former Deputy Chief: We Need National Standards for Policing

While most law enforcement officers are committed to protecting and serving all citizens, there are a few who are responsible for perpetrating horrific acts of violence against those whom they have sworn to keep safe. We witnessed this in the cases of George Floyd, and most recently, Tyre Nichols who was fatally beaten by members of the now-dismantled Memphis Police Department SCORPION Unit.

The Truth Isn't as Simple as 'The Greatest Lie Ever Sold' Pretends

When the video of George Floyd being slowly suffocated by a white policeman on a nondescript Minneapolis street made its way around the globe, many Americans, especially whites, sought innocence from the horror they just witnessed. They wanted innocence from America's legacy of racial atrocities conjured up by the image of the knee on the neck.