American Airman Found Dead on German Autobahn

Staff Sergeant Justin Vandervort, 29, who hailed from Orange, California, was spotted near the Spangdahlem Air Base on the A60 autobahn on Tuesday at around 2:30 p.m., Air Force officials said.

John Kelly's Face During Trump Rant Blamed on Menu

The retired four-star general shifted in his seat and looked away as Trump branded Germany a "captive" of Russia, but the White House says he was simply underwhelmed by the catering.

Circus Elephant Nearly Crushes Audience

In a video of the incident, spectators can bee seen rushing from their seats as the elephant carrying a female performer topples into the seating area.

Is This the End of Angela Merkel?

Germany's new migration deal is the latest twist in a tricky 12 months for one of the world's great political survivors.