Great Britain

Is London Safe? Homicide Rate Surges to Decade High

Although the number of homicides this year may be high for London, which has a population of more than 8 million, it the homicide rate is still significantly lower than in many major U.S. cities.

Inside Britain's Multi-million Dollar Homes

Whether you're after a sleek, five-bed apartment in central London, a country pile in the South Downs or even a Scottish castle, it can be yours—if your pockets are deep enough.

Greater Great Britain

Thanks to a weakening pound against the dollar and the euro, tourism in the UK is booming. With record numbers of international visitors to Britain each year, it's best to focus your holiday on mostly off the radar destinations.

Pushing for a Palestinian State

The U.S. has long been the arbiter of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Will it now relinquish that role to the U.N.?