Growth Can Be Green. Here's How

We figured out how to tread more lightly on our planet, even as we become more numerous and prosperous, but very few people are aware that the apparently ironclad trade-off between human prosperity and the state of nature has been eased.

GOP Senator Proposes Green 'New Manhattan Project'

Tennessee's Senator Lamar Alexander dismissed the Democrat-proposed Green New Deal legislation and instead offered his own "New Manhattan Project," riffing on another landmark FDR-era initiative.

Gore Hails Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal

"The goals are ambitious and comprehensive. Now the work begins to decide the best ways to achieve them, with specific policy solutions tied to timelines," Al Gore said.

Kamala Harris Backs Green New Deal

The California senator and presidential candidate declared her backing for the climate change policy championed by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

New Ethics Guidance Issued to Special Operation Forces

"We will not allow inexcusable and reprehensible violations of that trust to erode decades of honorable service, teamwork, and progress by the members of USSOCOM," General Raymond Thomas III wrote to personnel in an email obtained by Newsweek.

Eric Trump Defends His Father Against Racism Charges

As anger continued to bubble over the president's remarks about "shithole countries," Eric Trump went on Fox News early Wednesday morning to push back against accusations his father is racist.