Gun Control

Video: Democratic Candidate Pepper Sprays Himself

Tillemann, a Democrat running for Colorado's 6th congressional district on Denver's east side, recorded a video in which he blasted himself in the face with pepper spray to promote nonlethal self-defense methods for teachers.

#WearOrange to Support Gun Reform

The #WearOrange campaign invites everyone who agrees we can do more to save American lives from gun violence to do one simple thing.

Police Officer Suggests David Hogg Get Hit by Car

"Hope some old lady loses control of her car in that lot. Jus saying….." Coconut Creek police officer Brian Valenti allegedly wrote on the Coral Springs/Parkland Facebook page.

City Sues Resident for Proposing Assault Weapons Ban

A California man took the initiative to draft and collect signatures for a ballot measure banning the possession of semi-automatic weapons and rifles. In response, the city of Huntington Beach sued Daniel Horgan.