Gun safety

Gun Safety Requires Medical Intervention

Two years after Parkland, perhaps no one is better positioned than doctors, nurses, medical students and other health care professionals to lead this fight.

Gun Safety Activist Slams Pearl-wearing Lawmakers

Shannon Watts, founder of advocacy group Moms Demand Action, started a Twitter storm with a photo of lawmakers wearing pearls. And the gun safety campaigner says she's not done yet.

Why Didn't Trump Talk About Gun Violence?

I was honored to be a guest of Speaker Pelosi, but I realized that had my daughter's killer been an illegal immigrant, the president would have mentioned it.

Freeman High School Shooting Updates

A state police spokesman confirmed to BuzzFeed that shots had been fired, though other details were not immediately available.

U.S. Gun Ownership Declines

Sales may be up, but according to a new survey, the number of American households with at least one gun is at a low point.