H.R. McMaster

North Korea Says U.S. Remarks Make War Inevitable

A spokesperson for North Korea's Foreign Ministry cited recent remarks from national security adviser H.R. McMaster, Senator Lindsey Graham and CIA Director Mike Pompeo as evidence of war preparation.

A Timeline of the Latest Trump-Russia Scandal

Here's everything everyone has said so far about the Washington Post report that Donald Trump leaked intelligence to the Russians. (Spoiler: It doesn't all add up.)

How Donald Trump Met Reality

From Syria to Goldman Sachs, Donald Trump is ditching Bannonism and moving closer to the American mainstream.

Trump's Invisible Man

Inside the mysterious rise of Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the young NSC official at the center of a bizarre Russiagate subplot.

New Security Adviser Differs From Trump on Key Issues

McMaster is joining the White House staff with views on Russia, counterterrorism, strengthening the military and other major security issues that diverge not only from those of the Trump loyalists, but also from those the president himself has expressed.