Bloomberg Sorry for Offensive Jokes But Says There Were 'Only Three Cases'

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he was "wrong" to make comments that offended his employees that signed nondisclosure agreements. "I don't remember what they were," Bloomberg said, "but if it bothered them I was wrong and I apologize. I'm sorry for that."

Sanders Calls for End of Online Attacks, Calls Harassment 'Unacceptable'

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders called for his supporters to end their harassment of the Nevada Culinary Workers Union after the union warned its members against Sanders' Medicare for All plan. "We can certainly disagree on issues," Sanders said, "but we must do it in a respectful manner."

Marine Leaders Request Retraction of Story Identifying Harassed Marine

Amid a barrage of criticisms from U.S. Marines over an article which revealed the identity of a Marine reservist being harassed over nude pictures of herself, the service's top brass backed the embattled Marine and asked for a full retraction of the story.