Hate Speech

Candace Owens Blasts YouTube For 'Bats--- Woke' Policy

"YouTube removed an entire episode of the Candace Owens show because we said that men are not women, and women are not men. I honestly cannot even believe how absolutely bats*** woke you have to be to believe basic truth to be 'hate speech,'" the conservative commentator tweeted on Friday.

Twitter Urged to Suspend Trump After Omar Attack

The Women's March started a petition on Saturday to get President Donald Trump's Twitter and Facebook accounts suspended after he posted a video attacking Representative Ilhan Omar.

Alleged Gambino Killer Influenced by Hate Talk: Lawyer

The New York man accused of killing Gambino Mafia boss Frank Cali was a victim of internet hate speech "spewed" online, and by the White House, his lawyer said after a court hearing on Monday.

Lawmakers Want Social Media Checks Before Gun Purchases

"There would have been a clear indicator of the shooter in the Tree of Life shooting in Pittsburgh," Eric Adams, the president of Brooklyn Borough, said. "The profile of a person who was mentally unstable of purchasing or possessing a firearm would have been flagged."