Health Insurance

Ending Obamacare Won't Eliminate Insurance

The right decision on the Affordable Care Act will help Americans fix what's broken in our health care system and lead to enacting real reforms that put patients in charge of their own health.
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5 Smart Money Tips for the Self-Employed

Find out how you can make your money work for you and establish a stable financial future as a self-employed worker.
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Parents can use Tech to Protect Their Kids' Future With up to $5 Million

An online life term insurance can pay for your kids' education, daily expenses, mortgage, debt, etc. in case you pass away. This 10-minute process can fetch you a term life insurance online for as little as $14 a month with a coverage that can go up to $5 million.

The 2020 Sleeper Issue

Republicans should unify behind one approach with the potential to be decisive for anyone who isn't a hard partisan. That approach is to promote the right to know health care prices up front—health care price transparency.

6 Reasons to Choose This Community Alternative Over a Pet Insurance

While there are many pet insurances in the market available to pet owners, getting pet insurance can be just as heavy on the wallet. But there is an unexplored alternative to pet insurance that can be more suitable for you.
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Here's Why You Need to Rethink Your HSA

HSA and Health Insurance can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. With Lively, you can easily get HSA which is simple and accessible.
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How to buy Life Insurance During the Pandemic

You can protect your family with a life insurance policy within minutes that offers coverage up to $1 million starting at a monthly premium of $8 a month.

Community-Based Alternative to Pet Insurance Is Revolutionizing Healthcare

Most pet insurance companies profit from the inflated procedural costs – leaving you paying the hefty premiums. Fortunately, with a community-based pet health plan by Eusoh, you can prioritize your pet's wellbeing without worrying about finances.
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Get Life Insurance Online in Under 5 Minutes (And $8)

Make sure your family is protected in turbulent times. Buying life insurance is fast and easy online—and there aren't any stressful medical exams involved.

5 Signs Your Cat Might Be Crying Out for Help

Here are the 5 signs your cat might be crying for help and how now you can visit your vet worry-free with a solid pet health plan.

Everything You Need to Know About Long Term Disability Insurance

We make it a lifelong ambition to get an education that leads us to the career path that will fulfill our lifelong goals. Now, think what would happen if an abrupt injury or an illness brings a halt to everything you ever planned and worked for.