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10 Best Strategies to Make Sex Better for Menopausal Women

Most menopausal symptoms may find relief with the help of MenoLabs complete probiotic supplements. However, as with all supplements, you still need to make lifestyle changes or incorporate new strategies to reap maximum benefits.
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Regain Control With Self-Hypnosis

If you've already been using CBD products like those from Kyoto Botanicals to help yourselves find harmony and balance amidst these incredibly trying times, then you're on the right path on reclaiming your control. Another thing that can help you further is hypnosis and dissociation.
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Is Intermittent Fasting A Sustainable Lifestyle Choice?

The best way to go is to always listen to your body. The reason fad diets like juice cleansing, water-only diets, and intermittent fasting don't work long-term is mainly because your body wasn't built for that kind of change long-term. If you've been eye-ing giving intermittent fasting a try, here are 5 things you should consider before you do.
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5 Common Sexual Health Issues for Menopausal Women

Solving sexual health issues during menopause is not just about satiating a relationship's desire to have sex. It's also about taking care of your body throughout your menopause journey.
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You May Have an Iodine Deficiency Problem

When people do not have enough iodine, the thyroid gland cannot make enough thyroid hormones. This deficiency can lead to a variety of iodine deficiency disorders including goiter, hypothyroidism, cretinism, and reproductive failure.
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10 Ways to Support Women in Menopause

With the help of MenoLabs, a complete probiotic supplement, and of the 10 helpful tips below, loved ones can help menopausal women thrive in life.
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Menopause & Depression - How Do You Deal With It?

MenoLabs ensures that women get the care they need during all stages of menopause. In the meantime, here are more helpful tips on how to deal with depression caused by menopause.
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Top 9 Biggest Brain Damaging Habits

Neurohacker Qualia Mind is always there to help increase cognition, focus, and overall mental performance when you need it, but these are the top 9 habits you should avoid if you want your brain to stay healthy for as long as possible.
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6 Powerful Habits to Get Stuff Done

Habits play a big part in unraveling how your day is going to be turn out. Good habits help you focus more on the things that truly matter, while bad habits limit you from being productive. Here are 6 powerful habits to help you get stuff done.
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Top 3 Supplements to Help Maximize Your Meditation

Here are the top 3 supplements from Higher Dose, Kyoto Botanicals, and Peak and Valley to amp up your meditation sessions.
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Take Advantage of This Adaptogen for Healthy Household

Peak and Valley, a science-backed formulation of adaptogens, is here to help the household stay strong, stress-free, and healthy as we all adjust to the "new normal".
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The Calming Product You Need To Stay Sane Amidst Online Classes

Even though you did not brave the public transit nor the heat of the sun today, did not switch classrooms, and did not need to go up endless flights of stairs, you feel more drained than ever. Are online classes really more tiring than face to face ones? If yes, why is it so?
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Heal From Your Mental Issues

An altered state of consciousness ( sometimes referred to as the non-ordinary state) is a mental state where the mind is not in its usual wakeful state but is still highly mindful, receptive, and sensitive to the environment. Altered states of consciousness can happen during the dream stage of sleep, hypnosis, trances, hallucinations, and even during meditation.
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How 15 Minutes of Mindfulness Meditation Can Change Your Life

If you haven't already tried this out, we are here to tell you how 15 minutes of staying still in the morning when you wake up can change your life for the better.
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How Can a Healthy Gut Relieve Menopausal Symptoms?

How do you get relief from menopausal symptoms? The answer is simple, but not necessarily easy to attain – you need a healthy gut.
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Which Is The Better Respirator Mask?

With so many kinds of masks to choose from on the market, it can get quite confusing and overwhelming in determining which one you should buy for daily use. Let this quick comparison guide from N95 Medical supplies help you decide between choosing from the two top contenders - the N95 and KN95
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Best Memory Foam Mattress of 2020

Are you in search of the best memory foam mattress? Here's a list of the year's best of the best.