Michael Cohen to Trump Ally Jim Jordan: 'Shame on You'

"Shame on you, Mr. Jordan," Michael Cohen told the Republican congressman during his House testimony. "I took responsibility, and I take responsibility... I am remorseful, and I am going to prison."

Live Fact Check: Michael Cohen's House Hearing

Michael Cohen called the president a "con man," "racist" and a "cheat." Cohen also said the president was aware of Roger Stone's interactions with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. 

Senate Democrat: Kavanaugh Committed Perjury

Asked whether Kavanaugh lied under oath, Patrick Leahy responded: "I wonder why they are hiding 90 percent of his records because they would show whether he has or not. I feel he has."

What Does Mark Judge Know About Brett Kavanaugh?

Attention on Judge, Kavanaugh's friend, is set to grow more intense as the FBI begins an investigation into allegations the Supreme Court nominee sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford in high school.