Higher Education

How Affirmative Action Really Works

Throughout their history, Yale and other elite, "white only" colleges and professional schools across the country did not admit Black people. However, in the 1960's, to comply with federal law, those white-only colleges took "affirmative action" to address their history of racial segregation.

Colleges Are Now a Breeding Ground for Mediocrity, Not Meritocracy

Academic standards in general have been consistently lowered over the past several decades. That should come as no surprise, because standards for admission to colleges and universities have been lowered as well. To the extent that meritocracy is replaced by other factors, such as identity politics, the standards will continue to diminish.

Antisemitism Graduates With America's Students

As someone who has been monitoring the alarming normalization of hatred towards Israel— and by extension, Jews—on the American college campus, I am distressed that the Jewish communal world has not noticed these sentiments have an afterlife. They persist long after students have left the classroom, seeding a virulent, old/new form of hatred that is infiltrating American society.

Now Let's Make College Free

Student-debt forgiveness is just the start of the structural changes needed to realize the promise of higher education, including social mobility and enrichment for individuals and economic and civic prosperity for society.