Despite Hiroshima Polling Trends, Doubting the Bomb Isn't New

Polling showing more and more of the U.S. population disapproving of the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by atomic bomb have become the basis for a generational narrative that obscures the long history of debate around the necessity of the carnage.

'My Grandfather and Mother Survived The Hiroshima Atomic Bomb'

My grandfather, Dr. Ken Takeuchi, was the director of the Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital. On August 4, 1945, he had talked to staff and encouraged them to arrive at work earlier. At 8.15am on August 6, when the atomic bomb hit, many staff were inside the hospital—his pep talk had saved lives.

Will a Nuclear Weapon Ever Be Fired Again?

75 years ago, the world's first nuclear bomb was dropped. How did it change the nature of conflict, how do we now view the use of nuclear weapons and what will determine their use in the future?

Photos of Devastation in Japan After Deadly Floods

Rescuers in Japan are digging through mud and rubble, racing to find survivors after torrential rain unleashed floods and landslides that killed at least 112 people, with around 78 still missing.