What is Hajj and Why is it Important?

One of the holiest annual rituals in Islam has arrived. Here is what you need to know about the pilgrimage of millions of Muslims to Mecca.

Presidents on Vacation

It's not even close to the longest presidential trip in American history.

The Spy Who Sang to Survive

The Japanese knew her as Madame Tsubaki, a seductive lounge singer at the hottest nightclub in Manila. To the U.S. and its WWII allies, however, she was an American spy known as High Pockets.

The Meaning of Flag Day

Today, we celebrate Flag Day with parades and ceremonies. But don't forget where—and why—it all started.

The Meaning of Memorial Day

Who exactly created it and where are unclear, but it is generally agreed that the holiday has its roots in the Civil War.

Terrorism in Britain: A Brief History

It might be tempting to consider the early 21st century as a period of unparalleled and incomprehensible acts of senseless violence. But it is not.