Americans May Be Missing Out On $8.5 Billion In March Madness Bets

College hoops' Big Dance is just one of dozens of major sporting events that have been postponed or cancelled due to the coronavirus in 2020. From the Kentucky Derby to Formula One racing to the Summer Olympics, here's a by-the-numbers sampling of what fans are missing this year.

Sports Events Canceled or Postponed by Coronavirus 2020

Sports are the least of concerns in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. But for those wanting to know, here are the cancelations and postponements from auto racing to the Olympics, baseball to hockey, tennis to golf, horse racing and more.

NCAA Could Lose Nearly A Billion Dollars By Canceling March Madness

The NCAA tournament, which is only three weeks long, brought in $933 million last year in revenue from ticket sales, TV revenue and corporate sponsorships. This year's tournament could be suspended, or perhaps canceled, because of the spread of coronavirus.

NHL Suspends Season Due to Coronavirus

The National Hockey League announced that it would suspend its 2019-2020 season, following the NBA's decision to do the same on Wednesday.

Tucker Carlson Interviews Don Cherry One Day After He Was Fired Over

Don Cherry, a well-known Canadian hockey commentator, was fired by Rogers Sportsnet after an anti-immigration rant broadcast during a Saturday game. On Tucker Carlson's Fox News show the day after the firing, Carlson called his critics 'fascists.'