Every Celebrity to Speak Out in Support of Donald Trump

This week actress Kirstie Alley faced intense backlash when she voiced her support for Trump and tweeted about her intentions to vote for the Republican on November 3. Here are the president's other famous supporters.

'I'm a Celebrity Dog Trainer in Hollywood'

I've worked with celebrities like Andy Cohen, Rod Stewart and Don Cheadle. But whether you are a celebrity or not, the reason people still hire me is because I have a reputation of restoring peace and order in a house that's chaotic.

How China Co-opts Hollywood

To gain access to what will soon be the world's biggest film market, Hollywood has had to bow to Chinese censors. Will heightened tensions with the U.S. change that?

LA County Could Run Out of ICU Beds in Weeks as Hollywood Reopens

Hollywood was given the go-ahead to resume productions on Friday, while public health officials warned that coronavirus infection rates are increasing and new COVID-19 cases could result in a shortage of ICU hospital beds in two to four weeks.