Hong kong protests

Why Are People Boycotting 'Mulan'?

Disney is facing a boycott controversy over comments made by the movie's star, Liu Yifei, about the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

Trump Considering Retaliation Against China's Proposed Security Law

"There's a whole menu of potential things that he [Trump] could do," U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said while appearing on the Fox Business Network. "And I'm sure they're working right now on how to refine the thinking and come up with something that's an appropriate response."

Hong Kong Health Official Claims Tear Gas Not Public Health Risk

Hong Kong's top health official has claimed that tear gas used by police on protesters poses no public health risk, days after police were reported to use the gas at a university campus. Some have expressed fears that the chemical weapon used in the city could contain the toxic pollutant dioxin.

Hong Kong Protesters Slam Carrie Lam During Talks

During a townhall meeting with Chief Executive of Hong Kong Thursday night, attendees called for Lam to step down from her post due to her mishandling of the increasingly violent protests in Hong Kong.