hope hicks

Hope Hicks

Hope Hicks is currently the senior counselor to President Donald Trump. Hicks has served in a number of positions for the Trump White House and the campaign, primarily in communications. She was among a number of administration officials who contracted COVID-19 in October, 2020.

Trump's Personal Assistant Fired Over Security Concerns

It was a windy winter day with the temperature about 40 degrees when President Donald Trump's long-time body-man was fired and escorted from the White House without even his jacket, according to a new report.

Don Lemon Sort of Apologizes for False Fox News Claim

Don Lemon said he shouldn't have used Hope Hicks's resignation to point out that Fox News buries stories that are unflattering to President Donald Trump or his White House. "I mean, that was a bad example. And so apologies for that," he said.