Hot Dogs

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Pandemic Can Not Stop You From Being Festive!

The 4th of July is an auspicious time for all Americans. It's the perfect time to reconnect with your loved ones, have a chill night in with your family, or just have a chance to unwind from the regular stressful life.

NYC's Mayor Definitely Didn't Just Ban Hot Dogs

Earlier this week New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a Green New Deal for the city, an ambitious plan to reduce NYC emissions by nearly 30 percent in the next 10 years. While it sounds like a good plan on paper, social media was abuzz when early reports made it appear as though the mayor was to get New York's third-most iconic food: hot dogs.

Unfiltered 'Hot Dog Water' Sells For $38 at Festival

"There's a fair bit of it that is too science-y for me… So the protein of the Hot Dog Water helps your body uptake the water content, and the sodium and all the things you'd need post-workout."