Hurricane Maria

Who is San Juan's Mayor?

She said at a news conference that people were dying "and you are killing us with the inefficiency and the bureaucracy."

Puerto Rico Needs Help After Maria, President Trump

Puerto Ricans need food, electricity and access to clean water. They also need a President who cares, say people across the island, who disagree with the President's assessment that the island is "doing well" on "food, water and medical" supplies.

Hurricane Maria Photos: Puerto Rico Slammed by Storm

Hurricane Maria has visibly stripped palm trees, thrown branches and debris to the ground, and begun its devastating impact. There are severe winds and rain across the Caribbean island.

Is Hurricane Maria Worse Than Irma?

A second blow from Mother Nature presents safety and public health challenges that could be more devastating than the first hurricane.

Hurricane Maria Upgraded to Category 5

President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency for Puerto Rico, making the U.S. territory eligible for federal assistance if it's damaged by the storm.