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How to Deal With This Year's Historically Fast Hurricane Season

The unusually active hurricane season will last until November. Here are the things you can still do to prepare and make sure you, your family, and your home withstand the storms.

Tropical Storm Arthur Forms in Atlantic Ocean

"Arthur will remain well offshore the east coast of Florida and Georgia tonight and Sunday, and then move near or east of the coast of North Carolina on Monday," the National Hurricane Center reported Saturday night.

Five Things You Need to Know About Hurricanes

"Coastal communities face a crucial question: whether they can rebuild in ways that make them better-prepared for the next storm while also conserving their natural resources."

Subtropical Storm Alberto Headed North

"It is critically important that all Florida counties have every available resource to keep families safe and prepare for the torrential rain and severe flooding this storm will bring."

How to Help During Hurricane Irma

The disaster relief nonprofit is attempting to deal with two natural disasters unfolding just weeks apart.