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3 Tips for Reducing the Risk of Dry and Cracked Hands

Excessive hand washing and sanitizer use lead to dry skin. Here's how you can practice good hand hygiene and still keep your hands smooth and nourished.
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5 Types of Bidet and Choosing What's Best for Your Bottom

Originating first in Europe and taking the western world by storm in recent years, the use of bidets as a more hygienic alternative to toilet papers is slowly gaining popularity in the US market. Take a step back and learn about the variations of bidet available in the market today.
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How to Remove Body Odor Naturally in 7 Days

Are you suffering from body odor? With these simple tips, you can get rid of your body odor in no time!
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Here's What a Roll of Toilet Paper Does to the Environment

While the whole world has been revolutionizing the way we wipe our butts with bidets and the more sustainable bamboo toilet paper, the United States is keeping up with tradition.
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Are Bidets More Hygienic Than Just Using Toilet Paper

Imagine waking up and getting in the shower, only to rub your body with toilet paper. Feeling "sparkly clean"? No, right! Then, why we are so comfortable doing exactly that to the dirtiest part of our bodies—our nether regions.