Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar: Trump Incites Anti-Islam Hatred

Representative Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota Democart, told California CAIR fundraiser attendees, "We finally had a leader in the White House who publicly says Islam hates us, who fuels hate against Muslims."

Omar: U.S. Must Hold Friends, Foes to 'Same Standards'

"I believe in an inclusive foreign policy—one that centers on human rights, justice and peace as the pillars of America's engagement in the world, one that brings our troops home and truly makes military action a last resort," Representative Ilhan Omar wrote.

Omar Remarks Prompt 'What Is Anti-Semitism?' Debate

"Everybody needs a lot more education, and that need for education concerns both the history of certain terms and tropes and references that may produce unwanted and unexpected reactions," Jonathan Boyarin, a professor of modern Jewish studies at Cornell University, told Newsweek.