Immigration and Customs Enforcement


ICE 'Will Not Be Deterred' New Chief Says

"Our workforce continues to carry out their important mission and we will not be deterred by threats against our agency," Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Director Ronald Vitiello said.
Detention Center protest

What Happened Inside an Immigration Detention Empire

Needing detention space, ICE has used noncompetitive contracts called Intergovernmental Service Agreements to quickly bring beds online. But is the government failing to impose accountability standards on its sprawling immigrant-prison system?

ICE Chief Thomas Homan to Retire This Week

“Those jobs, they take a toll on your body and on a person, so he has earned the right to retire, regardless of what you think of his particular policies,” a former ICE official said of Homan.

Vietnamese Man Dies in ICE Custody

Huy Chi Tran, 47, died on Tuesday while being held at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in Arizona, the agency said on Saturday.
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ICE Launches $2.4M Deal With Data Surveillance Firm

“Are we comfortable with the idea of calling and location data being trawled through for the purpose of hunting down people who might not really be guilty of anything more serious than wanting to come here and work?” a Cato Institute privacy and security expert asked.